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Furniture Décor Assembly & Installations Services

Welcome to “Swin The Assembly Guru” the natural choice for all of your residential, commercial furniture, and home decor assembly/installation needs.

The current environment has changed the way we shop for products and goods. This has resulted in an increase of online purchases that arrive unassembled, thus, requiring endless time spent figuring out plans, and assembling pieces. At times it feels as if you are learning a completely new language, not to mention precious time that is spent trying to locate the proper tools. All of this leading to stress and frustration before being able to enjoy your new purchase that looked so great in the photos.

So, I’m guessing at this point like many others who find themselves faced with this issue, you’re probably thinking by now, there has to be a better way! Fortunately for you, there is! With over 21 years’ experience servicing clients in both the commercial office and post-secondary industries, I have decided to extend the same professional quality installation and assembly services to the residential space.


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At Swin: The Assembly Guru, we will never make claims of saying that we do it all. Instead, we will say that what we do, is in a class of it’s own; and is  second to none! Our extensive list of services includes a multitude of lines, and styles of  furniture assembly, big or small at competitive  rates. Delivered with customer-friendly professional service guarantied.  

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